How Homoeopathy Changed my Life

“If we had no hope – for a cure, for winning the lottery, for falling in love, for the end of war, for being free of abuse, or for having food, warmth, clothing, and shelter – we would have no reason to go on. What you hope for doesn’t matter, but rather the essence of hope itself.”

Born into the lap of Homoeopathy makes me wonder what Karma had in store for me! Literally having my DNA nucleotides encrypted with modalities, concomitants and PQRS Symptoms what was the reason for this to be my destiny?

From the time I was probably 4, I remembering going with my father to his clinic (a polyclinic at that time) and sitting on the examination bed and waiting for him to end his practice. At that time too, I remember the waiting room being over crowded with people waiting just to get a chance to see him. I would get restless beyond a point and would run to the different cabins trying to investigate what was happening around me. I would run inside the compounder’s rooms and demand my sugar pills. I would also insist on helping them make the medicines (which they never allowed), so beyond a point I would just sit on the bed and observe my father. Oh what a joy that was!! I remember people touching his feet, idolizing him and as a child that definitely made a profound impression on me. Of course everything he achieved was the result of his abundant knowledge and hard work like you’ve probably never seen before (Those who even spend a day with him will vouch for that).

When I was down with an attack of measles or mumps I have always been treated conservatively with Homoeopathy for everything. The funniest thing is I didn’t know another mode of treatment for a while. I was very reserved in my school days so I barely interacted much with the rest of the world to know that another science existed which helped people too! So, in the 7th grade when we were taught vaccinations and their utility in school I went straight to my father and asked him why he didn’t vaccinate me and taking my father’s answer as that which was etched in stone I remember being quite upset with my teacher for having taught us something wrong. It was only later that I started hearing of words like ‘Ibuprofen’ and ‘Tylenol’ (Quite embarrassing right!) But, I was happy in my protected world where my sister and me landed up being comparatively healthier than most of the children in my class.

It thus baffles me that how would I have survived and gotten to this point if not for Homoeopathy. I mean it’s not a dramatic situation where I suffered from a life threatening illness and Homoeopathy saved my life but Hey I can be grateful that due to the protection of Homoeopathy I haven’t had to suffer from any life threatening illness!

Till date, I will take a dose of a remedy and be baffled by how quickly and effectively it will work on me. I become that child who’s observing the kaleidoscope for the first time, intrigued by how the heck is all this happening.

I honestly didn’t need to be a Homoeopath to understand the beauty of this science. I really feel at a loss of words when somebody asks me “What exactly is Homoeopathy all about?” What should I tell them? How you’re an idiot for going through your life without knowing it? Or how it’s the most magnificent thing in the entire world that I can’t understand how people go a day without being aware of it? Or how our tiny little doses carry the power of the universe inside them? A part of me goes totally crazy and tingly when someone talks about it (kind of like when someone’s talking about your first love) and boy oh boy it most definitely landed up being my first love, and it did not break my heart; not once not ever.

I always tell my patients if you’re not better blame the homoeopath not the ‘pathy’ to the point that if a patients not better I take it upon myself as a challenge because I cannot believe for one second that Homoeopathy cannot help you with a particular symptom. I am not talking here about curing a hard core pathology or treating a surgical candidate with Homoeopathy but your simple daily symptoms – HAVE TO GO. I do not believe people who say “Oh Homoeopathy never suited me” and “Homoeopathy never works for me”.

Every day that you see a cyst disappear, every day that you see someone pain free, every day that a patient greets you with their smiling face is a victory added to Homoeopathy. It absolutely saddens my heart to see the Money hungry Monsters destroying and maligning the name of Homoeopathy. They invent disease conditions daily, they proclaim cures (in the bargain creating another disease), they make you believe you are sick when you are not and in the bargain have produced a generation of Sick people and God knows when this Bullshit is going to end.

Should I take it upon myself to change situations? Hell Yeah!! It is my very own responsibility to do my little bit in helping keep the name of Homoeopathy intact. I don’t know if my feelings towards this science are healthy (Some may call it Obsessive) but I know you need to feel this way to be able to make a difference.

I know the Pharmaceutical Community has employed a million bloggers who go daily and propagate and Sell their Science, Make false curability claims of their medicines and preventive claims of their vaccines and what do we do? Take it lying down. No Freaking way!! In this day and age of technology where layman uses the internet to diagnose himself and figure out what treatment is the best for him, we need to be more out there. There needs to be more awareness. Even a layman will tell you the symptoms of the Ebola Virus (another very controversial topic) but will not know about how Arnica is used for healing wounds.

Young people need to write more, feel more and express more. We need to join hands and give people a chance to let Homoeopathy change their lives too.

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