About Dr. Rukshin Master

Dr. Rukshin Master is the founder and director of the Homoeopathic Health Centre, Singapore. She is also the founder of the International Institute of Homeopathy and the Immunity Co. 

She is a highly skilled and compassionate physician having undergone a meticulous medical training and has a double doctorate degree in Homoeopathy. She is a PhD and M.D. Homoeopath (Pediatrics) with a passion for helping children and adults achieve optimal health. With over a decade of experience, she is an expert in addressing a wide range of health concerns, including:

  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Chronic Diseases – Autoimmune, Allergies, Hormonal Imbalances, etc.
  • Pediatric Diseases – Allergies, Eczema, Poor Immunity, Autism spectrum disorders and behavioural concerns
  • Digestive Concerns – IBS, Crohns, Leaky Gut, Parasite Infections, etc.
  • Mental health Concerns – anxiety, schizophrenia, addictions, depression, etc

Dr. Master is committed to providing personalized and effective treatments, focusing on the root cause of health issues. She uses her extensive knowledge of homeopathy and holistic approaches to develop individual treatment plans that promote healing and well-being.

Dr. Master’s dedication to her patients and her commitment to providing evidence-based care make her a valuable asset to the healthcare community. Her experience involves her having worked for several years in a hospital environment to provide holistic services. She is a true leader in the field of homeopathy, and her work is helping to raise awareness of the benefits of this natural healing system.

Here is a more specific example of how Dr. Master might approach treating a patient:

Dr. Master would begin by conducting a thorough intake assessment to gather information about the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. She would also want to understand the patient’s family history and any developmental delays or other challenges the patient may be facing. An in depth understanding of the life situation and their emotional reactions helps her understand the patterns of the disease development.


Once Dr. Master has a good understanding of the patient’s individual needs, she would develop a treatment plan that includes homeopathic remedies as well as other complementary therapies, such as dietary and nutritional changes, stress management techniques and home remedies that would assist the patient towards cure.


Dr. Master would then work closely with the patient and their family to monitor their progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed. She would also provide support and guidance to help the patient and their family navigate the challenges that they may face.

Dr. Master’s holistic approach to treating diseases is designed to help children and adults reach their full potential and live healthy, fulfilling lives.


– Ph.D. – Homoeopathic University, India, 2021

– M.D. Pediatrics (Homoeopathy), India, 2014

– Bachelors of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) – C.M.P. Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai (M.U.H.S.), 2011

Clinical Training

– “Pure Homeopathy in Cases with Severe Pathologies and Comparative Materia Medica” with Dr. André Saine in Niendorf, Germany, Sept 2019

– Lamaze Training Program under Dr. Vijaya Krishnan in Hyderabad, Dec 2016

– Clinica – Santa – Croce, Orselina, Switzerland intermittently in 2013 and 2014

– Advanced course on classical homeopathy at the “International Academy of Classical Homeopathy,” June 2012

– Levels of Health program at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, July 2011

– European Congress of Homeopathy – Riga, Latvia, May 18-21, 2011

– 65th LMHI Congress in Redondo Beach, California, May 2010

– Mumbadevi Hospital, Mumbai, 2005 – 2011

Hospital & Clinical Experience

– Homoeopathic Health Clinic, Singapore – Director and Founder (Since 2019)

– Homeopathic Health Centre, Mumbai – Panel Doctor and Senior Consultant (Since 2011)

– Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital – Senior Homoeopathic Consultant (Since 2013)

– Nowrojee Wadia Maternity Hospital – Senior Homoeopathic Consultant (Since 2014)

– Bombay Hospital – Assistant doctor in the homoeopathic O.P.D. (Since 2010)

– K.E.M. Hospital – Assistant doctor in the homoeopathic O.P.D. (Since 2010)

– Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune – Assistant doctor in the homoeopathic O.P.D. (Since 2010)

– Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. – Medical Consultant (Since 2016)

– Tata Steel** – Medical Consultant (2016 – 2018)

– Satya Sai Charitable Medical Clinic – 2010 – 2016

– Siddhivinayak Trust Medical Clinic – 2016 – 2017

Work Experience

Teaching – Regularly teaches national and international students on various Homoeopathic subjects like Autism, Management of Pediatric cases in Homoeopathy, etc.

Founder of Mumbai premium antenatal class – Pebbles, catering to mothers’ antenatal care education and training

Founder of “The Immunity Co” – a health and wellness education website

Founder of “The Immunity Doctor” – a health and wellness education page on Instagram and Facebook

– Master consultant with “Whole Health Now” (America’s largest online portal for anything homoeopathic)

– Training and development of ‘Radar Opus’ homoeopathic software, Zeus Soft, Belgium

– Contributor of medical article for “Gladrags” magazine

Scientific Papers Presented

– Effect of Tuberculinum bovinum in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders; a homoeopathic case report; 74th L.M.H.I, Sorrento, 2019

– Efficacy of Homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders – A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial; 74th L.M.H.I, Sorrento, 2019

– Efficacy of Alternative Medicine (Homoeopathy) For Acute Radiation Dermatitis (Grade IV) Using Homoeopathic Radioactive Pharmaceuticals in the relief of Pain and Quality of Life, I.A.S.P. Congress, Boston, USA, 2018

– A pilot study demonstrating the efficacy of alternative medicine in autism spectrum disorder in a low-income group country, International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress, Mumbai, 2017

– Efficacy of Constitutional Homoeopathic Drugs in The Management of Advanced Cancer – A Prospective Study, L.I.G.A. Congress, Leipzig, Germany, 2017

– Homoeopathic Management of Advanced Cancer Using Modern strategies, L.I.G.A. Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2015

– Homoeopathic Management of Cardiomyopathy, L.I.G.A. Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2015

– Evaluation of homoeopathic drugs on quality of life in advance cancer patients, L.I.G.A. Congress, Paris, 2014

– Evaluation of analgesic effect of homoeopathic pharmacotherapy in refractory bone metastasis pain, I.A.S.P. Congress, Buenos Aires, 2014

– Homoeopathic management of Emergencies, L.I.G.A. Congress, India, 2011


– Pebbles Childcare Diaries: A treasure chest of natural remedies from around the world for children’s complaints

– Pebbles Pregnancy Diaries: A treasure chest of natural remedies for antenatal complaints

Clinical Research

– Research Area – Homoeopathy for the Treatment of Autism – A Randomized Placebo Control Single Blind Clinical Trial

– Role – Principal Investigator

– Research center – Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children in Mumbai

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