Raising healthy children

How You Have A Healthy Child

Our children, our future and the ones we are ready to do impossible feats for, our walking talking bundles of joy deserve the best possible treatment the world has to provide. Every parent would want the very best for his/her child and I will be talking just about that.

Researchers, scientists, doctors all over the world are trying so hard to find the cures to all those innumerable incurable diseases. We are trying so hard to treat and cure these patients and relieve them of their misery. But, shouldn’t the focus be more on avoiding these conditions in the first place. Wouldn’t it be a wiser move to pay more attention to a bud that’s just starting to grow? Isn’t it easier to maneuver a sapling in its initial stages rather than straighten out a tree already grown all crooked?

So let’s start this article with talking about pregnancy. Pregnancy is a rather difficult time for most mothers. They roll through several physical and emotional roller coasters. It is important to note that every emotion experienced by the mother is experienced by the child. Mother’s emotions are felt by the child and can sometimes manifest physically too. There have been multiple scientific studies proving this essential information. Hence it is always important if you are an expectant mother to be in a positive zone of mind as much as possible. Negative emotions in the mother have known to cause diseases in the child developing soon after birth.

Most often, a child is born with a blank slate. Well not entirely blank because genetics will always play a role in the back ground. But relatively a new born child will be uncontaminated by external influences. What you as parents imprint on your child’s health is your utmost responsibility as a parent. Every move you make especially in those initial growing years will have a paramount impact on your child’s life. Make sure you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. A typical response we hear at the clinic is, “My pediatrician told me to do it so I did it” but when asked if they were aware of what treatment they were pursuing, parents were clueless.

Awareness and knowledge are the only two things which I believe can change the way children are being treated now a days. Social media has definitely helped create awareness on matters concerned but parents should make that kind of time to do their thorough research. I urge my patients to read books, research statistics and realize for themselves where over the years the truth has been buried so deep that until they take a shovel in their hands, they will only be deceived by what others have to tell them.

Parents often feel that their child is unhealthy is he catches infections and falls prey to acute diseases. They wish that their child never fall sick. That is a belief that is completely wrong. A strong Immune System does not mean your child never falls ill. Oh My God! That would be a whole new disaster. Your child should fall ill to minor infections, his immune system should be allowed to get activated once in a while. He should learn to fight infections and produce the appropriate antibodies to protect his body from the same. It is only then that he will not fall prey to serious conditions. Eg. A child with a strong immune system having a cold will be infected by a Rhinovirus (very mild and usually resolves in 4-5 days) where as a child with a weak immune system will have a cold and cough and will be diagnosed as having a Streptococcus pneumonia infection (more dangerous and chances of complications like Pneumonia).

So, you want your child to get sick on and off but how you treat these conditions is what is crucial. Every time that you give your child an anti-allergic, a paracetamol, an antibiotic or any other suppressive treatments you are bringing his immune system down. It is important to treat diseases in accordance with the law of nature and provide constructive treatments for your child.

Let me explain that to you. So, there was this farmer who had a swamp formation in the middle of his field. This attracted mosquitoes that were destroying his plants. His first approach was to spray off the mosquitos with some insect repellents and pesticides. To his satisfaction the mosquitos disappeared, only to breed themselves into stronger mosquitos that were resistant to the spray now. They came back again with vengeance. So he got himself an even stronger spray, which managed to extinguish these new mosquitos. But after a while the new breed of mosquitos also acquired resistance to the new spray. This went on for months until the day came when there was no spray that could be used to kill them. This new breed of mosquitos was more toxic and lethal than ever before. He ultimately lost his field to them!

What seemed to be the problem here? Wasn’t there a simpler solution to it all? All he had to do was keep his farm clean and wash away that swamp. If, he had paid attention to having a healthier farm he wouldn’t have had to deal with the mosquitos to begin with.

Similarly, every time your child develops an infection it is important to not aim treatment at simply destroying the infection (as that will not always solve your problem) If you would rather strengthen your child’s body to fight off the infection by itself your child would be in a better position in the long run. This way next time his body knows exactly how to attack the disease should it come again.

Coming to Using Homoeopathy for your child, it is one of the safest and most natural medications you would be introducing to him. We’ve all heard about homoeopathy having no side effects. Our medications are made from several substances of the universe and they target the child at a much deeper level. Homoeopathic medicines, in the form of nanoparticles act on your child’s immune system thereby strengthening it to produce the necessary immune cells to combat the infection.

In Homoeopathy we believe that every child is unique, with his own set of unique characteristics. Long before the world was introduced to the concept of genetics and individualization, homoeopathic literature already had those concepts clear. If every individual is constructed differently and reacts differently, then how can he be given a generic medicine for his condition? Every child needs specialized attention and tailor made treatments to suit its body’s individual needs.

At the Homoeopathic Health Center we carefully study the child, his peculiarities, his expressions, his behavior, his desires and his aversions. After carefully analyzing each aspect of the child’s life we select a remedy for him. Parents after just a couple of weeks report changes in the child at every front. We see changes both physically and behaviorally.

But the indispensable use of Homoeopathy should primarily be in treating children for their acute complaints. That is an area where I feel Homoeopathy is very underutilized and parents are unaware about Homoeopathy being an option in that field too. Whether it is a cough, cold, asthmatic attack, bronchitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infection, lower respiratory tract infection, headaches, constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery, GERD, infantile colic, aches and pains, fevers of infective origins, cuts, bruises, injuries, etc. Homoeopathy has an answer for it and a very correct one too.

I hence urge patients to make a wiser decision when it comes to your child. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will be happy to help.

– Dr. Rukshin Master

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