Dr. Rukshin Master

Homoeopathic Health Center

The Homoeopathic Health Centre is located in Mumbai, India, a city with over 20 million people, many of who suffer from a wide variety of acute or chronic ailments. The HHC is one of the places open to them to search for relief.

The HHC has been founded by Dr. Farokh J. Master in 1984. Dr. Rukshin Master joined the centre in 2010. Over the years, the center has grown with currently more than 20 homoeopaths. All these homoeopaths work very long hours, and see an average of 8 to 10 new chronic cases and more than 50 acute cases and follow up visits per day.

Although this might seem a large number for Western standards, yet, great care is being taken to treat according to pure classical homoeopathic rules of individualization.

To treat this large number of patients with success a very high level of homoeopathic knowledge and experience is required.

There is a team of doctors who assist Dr. Farokh and Dr. Rukshin Master to see the patients. They are further assisted by highly experienced pharmacists who dispense the drugs prescribed by the doctors.

At the center there is a case history book of 42 pages loaded with self-styled questions. The first page of the book explains the homoeopathic philosophy of case taking.

When a new patient arrives, the data (all the details of the case including the investigation reports) is noted by the junior assistant doctor.

The patient is attended to, depending on the severity of the complaint. In an acute situation the patient is attended immediately while in a chronic situation a second appointment is given when a senior physician at the center interrogates the patient and tries to psychoanalyze the patient and comes up with some reportorial and remedial suggestions.

The case is now handed over by way of presentation to the panel doctors who then further analyze, do the required physical examination, advice relevant investigations and arrive at the medical diagnosis.

A single remedy is always the rule whether it is an acute or a chronic case. You can find more information on www.drfarokhmaster.com.